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Since the early 90's when Joshua Brown first used a 2D Computer Aided Drafting system, he has been interested in computers and technology. Learning on Apple & DOS based systems thru the various Microsoft versions of Windows 3.1, 95, XP, Vista, 7, & 10 to name a few, he has learned and grown along with the technology through the years.

While studying to become a Mechanical Engineer his career path took him into the Computer Aided Design/Drafting field. His career in mech. design and project management has demanded a high level of knowledge in the latest technologies.

In 2016 after a two-decade career in mechanical design and project management, Joshua Brown formed JB Technical Solutions. Having experience building his own computers, setting up small business networks, installing hardware and software, troubleshooting his own and other user’s technical issues, and having become adept at CAD platforms such as AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro-E, and Helix the company was initially started as a PC repair/maintenance company.

As Joshua worked in a Project Engineer roll for Pangborn Corporation designing industrial equipment he was aware that the facility he worked for would eventually be closed, and the “side” business could become more. Believing that family and community were integral components to his prior successes, he chose to rebuff offers to relocate with Pangborn in 2016 and instead took a job termination severance package and used those resources and time to pivot JB Technical Solutions into a drafting/design-based service with IT capabilities; targeted at local manufacturers and businesses requiring CAD based solutions.

Today JB Technical Solutions is continuing to grow, as local, regional, and national businesses require flexibility due to temporary requirements or lack of resources in staffing or design-based solutions. JB Technical Solutions looks to fill those voids, whether it is an additional CAD detailer/designer or CNC programmer on site or an offsite designer/detailer who can take a job from concept to completion. While most of our business is in the Mechanical Design field, we continue to evolve and adapt into Architectural Millwork as well as small business and residential IT. Our ability to build custom PCs for the CAD and small business environments have grown our ability to create Custom Gaming PCs as well, which allow customers to determine or provide the components they would like in their customized build. We look forward to providing solutions to a wide range of technical situations.

Company Mission Statement:

Integrity, trust, and caring being integral to success, JB Technical Solutions Inc. will strive to give straight forward, honest answers to its client’s technical needs. In doing so we hope to provide our customers with timely service that meets a high standard of professionalism and accuracy without exceeding their budget.


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