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Security Packages

Why Security Matters

Whether you are an individual or a business, you rely on essential computer functions every day. The sensitive data that you store is valuable and that makes it a target for malicious actors to steal or damage. JB Technical Solutions recognizes the ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity and are ready to fortify your data! With advanced A.I antivirus such as SentinelOne and cloud-based data recovery tools like Acronis, we’re prepared to keep your data safe and secure!

Sentinel One- Sentinel One is an A.I based fully automated malware prevention and detection service. Sentinel One will protect you from multiple forms of malware such as trojans, worms, backdoors, and memory-only malware. You will also be protected from malicious actors who send phishing emails as well as prevents your computer from downloading malicious documents they may contain.

Ironscales Core Plus- Ironscales is a self-learning email security platform that utilizes AI to remediate advanced phishing attacks, prevent them from reaching your inbox, and equipping you with necessary knowledge to detect such an attack on your own.

ProofPoint Business- Proofpoint is an email security platform that is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world.  Proofpoint focuses on protecting you from advanced threats that could lead to compliance risks and even digital fraud. Paired with Ironscales, the leading anti-phishing security platform, you will have a strong multi-layered email security platform that will keep you protected from all angles.

Acronis- Acronis is a cloud-based backup and recovery service that aims to minimize your data loss. Acronis will run scheduled backups to protect your data and keep an updated image in case of accidental deletion or a companywide disaster resulting in many destroyed PCs. Not only will the data be saved, but Acronis can get a new machine updated and running again in only a matter of minutes when data availability is most critical.

Optional DropSuite- Dropsuite is a cloud-based storage solution that is designed to protect and preserve your Office 365 data. Data such as SharePoint, One Drive, Outlook, Teams, Calendars, Task, etc. will be fully backed up to protect you from malware and accidental deletion

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